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Lim Kian Hwa, Runners-Up in the Asian Senior Chess Championship

India Dominates in Asian Junior and Girls Championships

Iran won the Seniors


Lim Kian Hwa third from the right at the Asian Senior Chess Championship 2011

Indian players dominated in the Asian Junior Chess Championships held from 1st to 9th June at Bentota Beach Hotel, Bentota, Sri Lanka. Shyam Sundar, the top seed International Master from India won the Championship consecutively scoring 7 ½ points out of possible 9 games. He proves that he is superior by being unbeaten throughout the event. He was the Champion in the Asian Junior Chess Championships held in Chennai, India last year. Indian International Master, Srinath Narayanan managed to get the runner up position with 6 ½ points out of 9 games and CRG Krishna won the 3rd position on the tie breaker after tying with Omar Norman(UAE) and International Master Upadhyaya Anwesh (India) with 6 points.

The top seed Indian Candidate Master, Bhakti Kulkarni won the Asian Juniors Girls Chess Championships convincingly. She scored a total of 8 points out of nine games to earn the Women’s International Master Title and a WGM Norm. WFM, R. Bharathi from India had 7 points to reach the 2nd place on the tie breaker after tying with J Saranya, WFM from India. Saranya became 3rd in the event.

FIDE Master, Amir Sawadkuhi  Iran had a great achievement in Asian Seniors Chess Championships held parallel to the Asian Juniors at the same venue. In the double round, round robin event he scored a total of 9 points out possible 10 games played. According to the FIDE regulations the winner of the regional Senior Champion receives an IM title as well as GM norm. Kian Hwa Lim from Malaysia won the 2nd place with 7 points while Abdullah Abdullah Ibrahim of Maldives won the Bronze medal after tying with Sarath Rupasinghe of Sri Lanka with 5 points.

The tournament was organized in a five star beach resort with excellent conditions for the players. Players enjoyed a lot while making a strong tournament as well. 7 Countries, Sri Lanka, India, UAE, Maldives, Malaysia, Iran and Nepal participated in the events.

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Malaysia Girl Power!

Puteri Munajjah & newly crowned WCM Teh De Zen powered Malaysia to a total of 10 medals (5 each) in the U-10 Girls.

Puteri Munajjah whom I always refer as ferocious tiger as she always look serious during the game. She contributed a total of 3 golds & 2 silvers. The 3 golds came from two individual events which are rapid & blitz where she became champion & team in the rapid events. As for the silver, the medals came from team event namely blitz & standard.

WCM Teh De Zen whom reminds me of my generation woman player namely WIM Siti Zulaikha. She has the determination & concentration skills. The way she able to play & sit throughout the standard event is not easy & seldom for a girl of 10 years old. She had contributed 2 gold medals & 3 silver medal to Malaysia while during the process obtaining her WCM (Woman Candidate Master) title. Her gold medals were from standard individual and rapid in the team events. One positive attitude I saw in her  was she’s willing to fall & learn from her own mistakes.

Her 3 silver medals were from rapid individual & 2 from team events mainly blitz where she teamed up with her another cousin Teh Ming Min & standard. 

Congratulations to both of you & keep up the good work!

Asean Age Group 2011 on TV3!

I just received a sms from the MCF Secretary Mr Gregory Lau informing that Malaysia achievement in the recent 12th Asean Age Group 2011 will be aired on TV3 MHI from 7:30 – 9:00 am tomorrow.

Medal Standings for Malaysia


Puteri Munajjah started the ball rolling for Malaysia in the Asean Age Group by winning the blitz tournament by getting out 7.5 points out of 9 rounds. After the standard disappointment, Puteri Munajjah came back strongly to win the rapid tournament individual & team together with her teammate newly crowned WCM Teh De Zen & Yahaya Nur Islamurni.

Teh De Zen also followed her cousin brother footsteps to sweet success by gaining the hard fought 2nd placing & rewarding of WCM (Woman Candidate Master) title in the standard U-10 Girls. She was also awarded gold as the champion was from Non-Asean country.

DSCF9189 (640x480)

Rapid Team Champion Malaysia:- Puteri Munajjah, Yahaya Nur Islamurni & WCM Teh De Zen

DSCF9161 (640x480)

From left to right U10 Girls standard:- WFM Vo Mai Truc, Le Thi Nhu Quynh (both from Vietnam), Malaysia newly crowned WCM Teh De Zen & was awarded gold as the champion was not from Asean country, & champion Mongolian Munkhzul Turmunkh

Puteri Munajjah – Blitz event & Rapid Individual U10 Girls

Teh De Zen – Standard U10 Girls & WCM title

Malaysia Rapid Team Champion U10 Girls :- Puteri Munajjah, Yahaya Nur Islamurni & WCM Teh De Zen


WCM Nur Nabila delivered the first silver medal for Malaysia in the U-14 Girls category blitz individual while the U-10 Girls won the blitz team event powered by Teh Ming Min, Teh De Zen & Puteri Munajjah.

Newly crowned CM (Candidate Master) ‘Lone Ranger’ Teh De Juan make up for his last round defeat in the blitz event and his first defeat to the eventual winner of the standard Ivan Maxmillian Putra to claim 2nd placing & fruitful CM title in the standard U-10 Open. Not to forget our every own NWM Tan Li Ting after a few Asean Age Group of trying to achieve international title finally obtained her WCM (Woman Candidate Master) in the U-14 Girls by getting 3rd placing but given silver medal as points achieved same as 2nd placing. Malaysia also won U10 Girls standard 2nd placing through Puteri Munajjah, Yahaya Nur Islamurni & WCM Teh De Zen

In the rapid event, WCM Teh De Zen obtained 2nd placing after Puteri Munajjah.


2nd Blitz Team :- Teh Ming Min, WCM Teh De Zen & Puteri Munajjah (Malaysia)

DSCF9157 (640x480)

From left to right U10 Open standard :- Nitish Belurkar (India), Catur Adi Sagita (Indonesia), newly crowned CM Teh De Juan (Malaysia) & champion Ivan Maxmillian Putra (Indonesia).

DSCF9164 (640x480)

From left to right U14 Girls standard:- Bui Thuy Vy (Vietnam), newly crowned WCM Tan Li Ting (Malaysia), Shania Mae Mendoza (Phillipines) & WFM Vu Thi Dieu Ai (Vietnam)

DSCF9169 (640x480)_thumb[2]

U10 Girls Standard Team Runner Up Malaysia:-  Yahaya Nur Islamurni, Puteri Munajjah, & WCM Teh De Zen


WCM Nur Nabila – Blitz U14 Girls

Malaysia U10 Girls Blitz – Teh Ming Min, WCM Teh De Zen, Puteri Munajjah

Teh De Zen – Rapid U10 Girls Individual

Teh De Juan – Standard U10 Open & CM title

Tan Li Ting – Standard U14 Girls & WCM title

Malaysia U10 Girls Standard - Puteri Munajjah, Yahaya Nur Islamurni & WCM Teh De Zen


Malaysia got 4 bronze medals through team events & U-12 Girls contribute in all the 3 team events (blitz, standard, & rapid). U-8 Boys consist of Teh De Yong, Muhammad Faqih B Aminuddin & Ng Shi Yang contribute the bronze on the final day for Malaysia.

DSCF9200 (640x480)

U8 Open Rapid Team 2nd Runner Up Malaysia:- Teh De Yong, Muhammad Faqih B Aminuddin & Ng Shi Yang.

DSCF9190 (640x480)

U12 Girls Rapid 2nd Runner Up Malaysia:- Asman Nur Sabrina Aliya, Nur Faqihah Aminuddin & Puteri Rifqah

DSCF9173 (640x480)

U12 Girls Standard & Blitz 2nd Runner Up Malaysia:- Nurul Aina Akmar Bt Rohizan, Asman Nur Sabrina Aliya & Puteri Rifqah

DSCF9184 (640x480)

Penang U-8 :- Ng Shi Yang & Teh De Yong proudly showing off their medals.


Malaysia U12 Girls Standard & Blitz- Nurul Aina Akmar Bt Rohizan, Asman Nur Sabrina Aliya & Puteri Rifqah

Malaysia U12 Girls Rapid - Asman Nur Sabrina Aliya, Nur Faqihah Aminuddin & Puteri Rifqah

Malaysia U8 Boys Rapid - Teh De Yong, Muhammad Faqih B Aminuddin & Ng Shi Yang.

Glorious day for the Malaysian contingent in the 12th Asean Age Group 2011, Tarakan



Malaysia fortunes started to change last year when we won against Singapore with the majority of the scores came from the young talents. We also have more classical games last year compared to previous. Our juniors had shown tremendous progress in junior competitions. Starting last year Malaysians had been participating in Asian Schools, Singapore Festival, Asean Age Group, Asian Youth & World Youth while this year Malaysia had been sending players to Asian Youth, Asian Cities & Asean Age Group. The juniors are getting more exposure in international tournaments.

In the 12th Asean Age Group 2011, Tarakan which recently concluded was held from 12th-21st June 2011 had seen 10 countries from Indonesia (host), India, Kazakhstan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Phillipines, Singapore, Taiwan & Vietnam took part in 6 categories boys and girls & in the 3 events (standard, blitz & rapid). The Malaysia delegation which consisted of 30 players and 15 official/coaches/accompanying parents is head by Malaysian Chess Federation's (MCF) Secretary - Gregory Lau had obtained the overall of 4 golds, 6 silvers & 4 bronze and placed 4th of the overall standings. The only category that Malaysia didn’t take part was Boy U-16.

Category Name
B08 Muhammad Faqih B Aminuddin, Ng Shi Yang, Tan Jun Ying, Teh De Yong
B10 Teh De Juan
B12 Mohd Noor Mohd Noor Azam, Afiq Mohd Jamil, Ahmad Afiqadzly B. Rosli, Teoh Ern Sheng
B14 Roslan Mohd Faizal, Yahaya Muhammad Nuriman, Mohd Jamil Arif, Hanif Harleiff
B20 Lim Zhuo Ren
G08 Aminuddin Nur Faiqah, Chua Jia-Tien
G10 Azhar Puteri Munajjah Az-Zahra, Teh De Zen, Teh Ming Min, Yahaya Nur Islamurni
G12 Azhar Puteri Rifqah Fahada, Aminuddin Nur Faqihah, Asman Nur Sabrina Aliya, Nurul Aina Akmar Bt. Rohizan, Tan Wei Ting
G14 Tan Li Ting, Camilia Bt Johari, Saleh Anis Fariha
G16 Zullkafli Amira Syahmina
G20 Nur Nabila Azman Hisham

TEH DE JUAN, TEH DE ZEN & TAN LI TING make Malaysia proud by repeating the feat we achieved last year through Nur Nabila, Nur Najiha & Amier Hamzah by obtaining CM (Candidate Master, 2nd placing in the U-10 standard event) while De Zen & Li Ting obtained WCM (Woman Candidate Master) through 1st placing U10 Girls standard event (due to the champion was non-asean country) & U-14 Girls standard event respectively. It was the maiden year for Teh De Juan & Teh De Zen in the Asean Age Group while for Tan Li Ting was the 2nd or 3rd year finally obtaining the title. Congratulations to all of you!

DSCF9123 (640x480)

12th Asean Age Group 2011 Medal Tally


Rk.   FED   gold   silver   bronze   Total

1   VIE   48   24   28   100

2   INA   18   25   20   63

3   PHI   17   19   25   61

4   MAS   4   6  4   14

5   SIN   3   0   0   3

6   MGL   1   0   1   2

7   KAZ   0   1   0   1

8   IND   0   0   2   2 


Final Ranking Team Events

Rk.   FED gold silver bronze Total
1 VIE VIE 22 12 2 36
2 PHI PHI 6 7 16 29
3 INA INA 7 15 14 36
4 MAS MAS 1 2 4 7
5 MGL MGL 0 0 0 0
6 SIN SIN 0 0 0 0
7 KAZ KAZ 0 0 0 0
8 IND IND 0 0 0 0

Final Ranking Individual

Rk.   FED gold silver bronze Total
1 VIE VIE 26 12 26 64
2 PHI PHI 11 12 9 32
3 INA INA 11 10 6 27
4 MAS MAS 3 4 0 7
5 MGL MGL 1 0 1 2
6 SIN SIN 3 0 1 3
7 KAZ KAZ 1 0 0 1
8 IND IND 0 0 2 2

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It’s talent time!

DSCF9023 (640x480)

DSCF9024 (640x480)

Malaysia head of delegation & MCF Secretary Mr Gregory Lau (in red) sitting next to En. Azhar (father of Puteri Munajjah & Puteri Rifqah) looking at the talent show.

 DSCF9025 (640x480)

DSCF9029 (640x480)

Behind the stage, Malaysian contingent was discussing what to dance or sing and Camilia Johari (in purple) was in the stage ready to play keyboard. I hope not Justin Bieber song… (Just kidding).

DSCF9031 (640x480)

It’s showtime!

DSCF9032 (640x480)

From left to right (1st row): Puteri Munajjah, Teh Min Min, Teh De Zen

From left to right (2nd row): Amira, Mohd Noor Azam, & Teoh Ern Sheng (partly hidden) & NM Lim Zhuo Ren.

DSCF9034 (640x480)

DSCF9035 (640x480)


Asean Age Group Blitz 2011

DSCF9040 (640x480)

Rajaryan Kulvelkar & Nitish Belurkar are Indian prodigies & often came out in the news of India. Both of them are from Goa, India.

DSCF9044 (640x480)

DSCF9045 (640x480)

DSCF9047 (640x480)

DSCF9050 (640x480)

Malaysia team 2nd placing in Blitz event

DSCF9052 (640x480)

The rest area

DSCF9060 (640x480)

DSCF9068 (640x480)

DSCF9069 (640x480)

Arbiters table

DSCF9070 (640x480)

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