Thursday, April 26, 2012

My reply to FirstGM: Please get your facts RIGHT!

Mr Raymond,

First of all I would like to clarify that I don't have any grudges against Evan or any local players as I respected them. I wished to maintain the friendship that been made for years to come. Please find out the facts from me first before jumping into any conclusion. In other case you have NO RIGHT to post people privacy from Facebook in your blog just for your own sake and I can take legal actions against you for defamation!!! Who are you and what's the difference between you and the 'thief'! I have no hunger to join your hunger games and wished to continue my life peacefully as I've burden for my family this year!

I'm only voicing my disappointment in the state selection tournament criteria and respect (praising) NM Evan for taking part in the previous event although he achieved his NM and still playing through the selection process. I would like to apologise to NM Evan for any misunderstanding caused and using his name.
From what I'd seen, you had caused 'World War 3' in Malaysia with the players especially our juniors, officials and parents whom I knew and even my former employer, Mr Peter Long. They had helped me alot by sharing their insight experiences especially Mr Peter Long in terms of arbitering, coaching & organizing. Therefore I'm always in gratitude to them.

Marcus Yeoh