Saturday, August 11, 2012

Congratulations WCM Teh De Zen for Winning 1st Asean International Youth U-11 Girls!

I wished to congratulate to WCM Teh De Zen for winning the U-11 Girls with 1.5 points ahead with 1 round to spare. You had shown tremendous fighting spirit in your game. Well Done!!!

WCM Teh De Zen

Picture taken from Asian School Championship 2010 Sri Lanka

In the U-8 boys, I can see that Malaysia will grab 1st & 2nd spot with wonderkid Lye Lik Zang already ahead with 1 point than his compatriot Ng Shi Yang.

Lye Lik Zang


CM Teh De Juan also has the chance to claim 3rd-4th placing with the highest tie-break provided he can win Singaporean William Woong in the U-11 Boys. FM Zhu Yi & Pang Tao will have to settle their scores respectively. Ng Jen Sheng & Bausch Koh had to fight for top 10 in must win situation. For the U-11 Girls, Melanie Khoo has the chance for top 3 provided she can overcome top Singapore player Tin Ruiqi. Chua Jia-Tien can also make Malaysia proud by claiming top 10 spot.

In the U-14 Boys, Darrel Yap is facing an uphill task against Vietnamese CM Nguyen Van Toan Thanh to claim top 10 spot together with Lim Bing Yi & Lim Jun Yi. In the U-14 Girls, Rosamund Khoo is facing an uphill battle against Umesh Deodhar of India to be in top 10 spot while in the U-17 Boys, Liew Ken Yew has the possibility to get top 3 provided he wins Indian Ayush Jugele. Malaysia Boleh!!!

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