Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Asian Chess Club Championship League

Hi guys! sorry was in the holiday New Year mood! Haha...!

The event started on the 25th of December 2008 and recently ended on 31st December 2008

The Al Ain Culture and Chess Club A team will be represented by GM Sergey Karjakin from Ukraine. Karjakin was the youngest ever player to become a GM when he was only 12 years and 7 months old. Karjakin, born in January 12,1990 in Simferopol-Ukraine, is ranked number 15 in the world according to the FIDE ranking last October and the 2nd in the Under 20 category with his elo rating of 2730. He was the World Under 12 Champion. Karjakin started playing chess when he was only five years old and became an International Master when he was 11. GM Zahar Efimenko, also from Ukraine, was born in July 3, 1985 and became a GM when he was 17. In 1999 he became the World Under 14 Champion and in the same year he played for the Ukrainian team that won the World Under 16 Championship. Has an elo rating of 2680 GM Baadur Jobava, from Georgia. Jobava, born inNovember 26,1983, won the Dubai Open Chess Championship in 2003 and since the new start of the Millennium he increased his elo rating to 2664 and became a GM. He was born in a chess family and was Georgia’s Juniors Champion. The other two players in the ACCC line up are: GM Gabriel Sargissian from Armenia who has an elo rating of 2643 (born in February 3,1983) and GM Li Chao, from China, with an elo rating of 2622 who is number 6 in the world junior category. Here we also have our own Malaysian player playing FM Peter Long represent Intchess Singapore.

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