Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2009 Malaysia Inter-State Chess Championship (Fide rated & National Rated Event)

Objective: 1) To foster friendship among chess players in Malaysia

               2) To promote chess games

              3) To improve chess standards in our region

              4) To promote tourism

Organiser: Sarawak Chess Association & Lanang Chess Association under the auspices of Malaysian Chess Federation

Venue: Catholic High School Stadium, Jalan Lanang, Sibu, Sarawak

Date: 25-27 December 2009


25 December 2009 10:00 – 11:30      Registration

                          11:30-12:00        Briefing & Players Meeting

                         14:15- 18:15        Round 1

                         19:30 – 23:30       Round 2

26 December 2009 0800 – 12:00        Round 3

                          1400 – 1800         Round 4

                          1930 – 2330         Round 5

27 December 2009  0800 – 12:00       Round 6

                          1330 – 1730         Round 7

                           1830                  Closing & Dinner



Champion          Trophy & RM 2000

Runner Up          Trophy & RM 1500

2nd Runner Up    Trophy & RM 1000

4th                   Trophy & RM500


Champion           RM 2000 & Medal

Runner Up          RM 1500 & Medal

2nd Runner Up    RM 1000 & Medal

4th                   RM500 & Medal

5th – 10th          RM 200 each


Individual results will be based on the following criteria : – Final score, Solkoff, Sonneborn Berger, & Cummulative

Team results will be based on the sum of the state representatives results on the following criteria: - Final score, Solkoff, Sonneborn Berger, & Cummulative


Players must record all the moves

Time Control

The time control is 90 minutes with 30 seconds increment from move one.


Registration fee is RM 50 per head.

Registration can be made with any of the followings before 15 November 2009 5pm

Lim Kian Hwa

Tel: 082-203202/082-427772/016-8603180

Fax: 082-425240


Joseph Ting Duang Chiang

Tel: 084-330087/019-8597778/016-8893185

Fax: 084-331451

Payment can be made to Lim Kian Hwa’s Maybank Account @ 111039124500 and the bank-in slip or relevant documents are to be enclosed with the enrolment form.

Terms and Conditions:

1. The championship is open to all Malaysian citizens only. However, plavers who have represented Malaysia in the last Chess Olympiad are not permitted to take part.

2. All players shall take part in a 7 round Swiss individual event.

3. The organizer will provide 3-night hotel accomodation and food for 4 state players of the following state: Sabah, Sarawak, Johor, Melaka, N.Sembilan, Selangor, Perak, Kedah, Penang, Perlis, Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang and Wilayah Persekutuan. Other interested players shall take part at their own expenses.

4. State representatives from the same state would not be paired against each other.

5. The state representatives results shall be added to contribute to the state team standings.

6. Swiss Manager Program will be used for pairing.

7. IA Hamid Majid will be the Chief Arbiter of the event.

8: A player representing the state must be currently staying, working or studying in the state and has domiciled in the state for more than 6 months or was born in the state. The state representative should register through his State chess association.

9 Players wearing sleepers, shorts and singlet will not be permitted into tournament halls.

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