Friday, November 20, 2009

Crucial Stage in WYCC 2009!

With 3 more rounds to go in the World Youth Chess Championship 2009 and still there are no clear winners. Nur Nabila is leading the Malaysia contingent with 6 points from 8 games.

  1. Amier Hamzah U-8 Boys 5.5 points
  2. Teh De Juan U-8 Boys 4 points
  3. Teh De Zen U-8 Girls 4.5 points
  4. WFM Nur Najiha U-10 Girls 4 points
  5. Muhd Irfan Haqqim U-12 Boy 2.5 points
  6. WCM Nur Nabila U-12 Girls 6 points
  7. Camilia Johari U-12 Girls 4 points
  8. Wong Jianwen U-14 Boys 4 points
  9. Elgin Lee Kah Meng U-14 Boys 4 points
  10. Hoh Tjin Li U-14 Girls 2 points
  11. Sumant Subramaniam U-16 Boys 3 points

Under-8 Boys

Amier Hamzah will play black against Azebajian SHIRINOV Farid on table 9 while Teh De Juan will play white against Turkey KESGIN Halit Kaan. Both players have chance to win here! FIGHT FOR YOUR GAME!

Under-8 Girls

Teh De Zen will play black on table 18 against Hungarian MOLNAR-SASKA Zsófia. She should be able to get a draw or win here! GO ZEN GO! FIGHT TO THE LAST!

Under-10 Girls

Nur Najiha will play black against Georgia Dakhundaridze Nino on table 21. She should be able to win here against her opponent. GO NAJIHA! FOLLOW YOUR SISTER FOOTSTEPS!

Under-12 Boys

Muhd Irfan Haqqim will face an upill task against Swedish player Agrest Anton. FIGHT FOR YOUR DREAM GIFT IRFAN! TAKE YOUR OPPONENT AS THE THING YOU WANT & YOU BE ABLE TO ACHIEVE IT!

Under-12 Girls

Nur Nabila will face Russia WFM Kisteneva Liza on table 5 while Camilia Johari will face stiff test against Hungarian Valyi Adel. Camilia should be able to win as she had passed the other test.

Under-14 Boys

Elgin Lee will face Croation Blazeka Matej as white while Wong Jianwen will face Marjanovic Dejan as black. Both of them face tougher opponents. FIGHT FOR IT!

Under-14 Girls

Hoh Tjin Li will face Norwegian Haukenes Alise as white. No matter you win or lose here! Show your fighting spirit!

Under-16 Boys

Sumant Subramaniam will face Turkish player Komut Kaan as white. Sumant Go for the KILL! I Believe you can do it!

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