Sunday, November 22, 2009

Round 10 Results WYCC 2009

Nur Nabila suffered her second defeat in the opening by weakening her pawn structures. Amier Hamzah won his game to keep up his chance of winning!

Under-8 Boys

Teh De Juan lost to Turkish player KUCUK Dogukan while Amier Hamzah won ZHALMAKHANOV Ramazan of Kazakhstan.

Under-8 Girls

Teh De Zen won Turkish ONUR Cigdem. CONGRATULATIONS ZEN! Believe in yourself De Zen! KEEP ON FIGHTING! SHOW YOUR ABILITY!

Under-10 Girls

Nur Najiha overcome her confidence and beat her Croatian player Blazeka Mihaela. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! FIGHT FOR THE BETTER PLACING IN YOUR CATEGORY!

Under-12 Boys

Muhd Irfan Haqqim brought cheer to the contingent by winning Japanese Abe Mahiro and also to his dreams of getting present from his parents! Irfan, Show you can win! Remember your parents! They are with you from the start & the prize you want from your dad! FIGHT FOR IT! It doesn’t matter if you win or lose! Show your spirit!

Under-12 Girls

Nur Nabila lost to American WCM Chiang Sarah on board 3 playing black. GIVE THE PRESSURE TO YOUR OPPONENT!

Camilia Johari lost to Russian Rodionova Daria.  GIRLS, LIFT YOUR SPIRIT HIGH! This time don’t give up keep the momentum going! GO CAMILIA GO!

Under-14 Boys

Elgin Lee lost to Turkish Buyukasik Diyap while Wong Jianwen also lost to Rindlisbacher Lars as white. GUYS BELIEVE YOU CAN ACHIEVE THE IMPOSSIBLE! MAKE THE IMPOSSIBLE TO HAPPEN! REALISE YOUR DREAMS!

Under-14 Girls

Hoh Tjin Li drew against Russian Beshukova Ekaterina. If she can maintain her confidence, she could win or draw here! GO TJIN LI GO! REMEMBER YOURSELF & MAKE YOUR MOM PROUD OF YOU! MAKE TJIN HUI & TJUN YEE PROUD!

Under-16 Boys

Sumant Subramaniam passed his test with hard fought draw against higher rated Azebajian player Huseyn Orkhan Samir Oglu on table 38. WELL DONE SUMANT! REMEMBER & MOTIVATE YOURSELF SUMANT! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! GO SUMANT GO! SHAKE THE MIDDLE-EAST!

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