Monday, November 16, 2009

Hectic Day for Malaysian Juniors Today at WYCC!

Today they will be playing 2 rounds today with the round 5 at 10am (4pm Malaysian time) and round 6 at  5pm (11pm Malaysian time). Malaysian tigers, today will be the tough test for you all & FIGHT POINT FOR POINT! Never give up till your last blood drops! FOCUS IS THE KEY OF WINNING!

  1. Amier Hamzah U-8 Boys 3 points
  2. Teh De Juan U-8 Boys 2 points
  3. Teh De Zen U-8 Girls 3 points
  4. WFM Nur Najiha U-10 Girls 2.5 points
  5. Muhd Irfan Haqqim U-12 Boy 1.5 points
  6. WCM Nur Nabila U-12 Girls 4 points
  7. Camilia Johari U-12 Girls 2 points
  8. Wong Jianwen U-14 Boys 2 points
  9. Elgin Lee Kah Meng U-14 Boys 2 points
  10. Hoh Tjin Li U-14 Girls 1.5 points
  11. Sumant Subramaniam U-16 Boys 2 points

Under-8 Boys

Amier Hamzah will play black on table 8 against Sri Lankan LAHIRU N. p. q. s. while his compatriot Teh De Juan will be black against DONGHVANI Dachi of Georgia. Both of the players should be able to win or draw if possible.

Under-8 Girls

Teh De Zen will take white against KRAUCHANKA Yuliya of Bulgaria. She should be able to win as her confidence level is high.

Under-10 Girls

Nur Najiha should be able to win Hungarian Valyi Blanka Borbala playing black at table 14.

Under-12 Boys

Muhd Irfan Haqqim will play Singaporean Edward Lee Kai Jie. He should able to beat the Singaporean!.

Under-12 Girls

From the yesterday win, Nur Nabila will play on 2nd table against Nicolas Zapata Irene of Spain and advantage is on her as playing white. It will be even match and also the test for her. She should get a draw or win here.

It’s another tough test for Camilia Johari as she will face Biryukov Alice of Luxemborg. She should get a draw here & a win if opponent made mistakes. Anything is possible here!

Under-14 Boys

Both Malaysian juniors will face an uphill battle in this round. Elgin Lee will face Uzbekistan Guseynov Alihan as white and with the rating of 300 points difference while Wong Jianwen should be able to get at least draw against Russian Makhmutov Rail.

Under-14 Girls

Hoh Tjin Li will face tough Armenian player Azizbekyan Arpi as black. With the confidence back on her, she should be able to get a draw against her opponent. A win will be bonus for her!  

Under-16 Boys

Sumant Subramaniam will face higher rated Indian player Deepthamsh Reddy M. However Sumant should use all his resources & knowledge to beat or draw.

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