Saturday, November 14, 2009

Malaysian Player Round 3 Pairing WYCC 2009


  1. Amier Hamzah U-8 Boys 1.5 points
  2. Teh De Juan U-8 Boys 1 point
  3. Teh De Zen U-8 Girls 2 points
  4. WFM Nur Najiha U-10 Girls 1 point
  5. Muhd Irfan Haqqim U-12 Boy 0 point
  6. WCM Nur Nabila U-12 Girls 2 points
  7. Camilia Johari U-12 Girls 1 point
  8. Wong Jianwen U-14 Boys 1 point
  9. Elgin Lee Kah Meng U-14 Boys 0.5 point
  10. Hoh Tjin Li U-14 Girls 0 point
  11. Sumant Subramaniam U-16 Boys 1 point

Under-8 Boys

Amier Hamzah will take black against Otgonbayar Chinguun of Mongolia at table 14 while his compatriot Teh De Juan will play white at table 42 against another middle-east Iranian player Ganjali Hossein. In the first round, he lost to Israelis player. Ganjali Hossien was born from Tehran, Iran & was placed 20th in the Iranian Iranian Chess Youth Championship 2009 Boys Under 8.

Under-8 Girls

Teh De Zen will play white at board 5 against China Chu Ruotong. In the last year edition in Vietnam, Chu Ruotong was placed 16th position scoring 6.5 points & as black she’ll play French.

Under-10 Girls

Nur Najiha will play black against Indian Savant Riya. However she needs to becareful about Indian players as they are tactical & aggressive.

Under-12 Boys

Mohd Irfan Haqqim will play white against Atayev Huseyn Natiq Oglu from Azebajian. In this game, Mohd Irfan should be able to win. COME ON ADIK IRFAN! Show your SPIRIT! MALAYSIA PASTI BOLEH!!!

Under-12 Girls

WCM Nur Nabila will play white on board 6 against Khomeriki Nino from Georgia. In this she should be able to win her opponent as she got all the resources & experiences.

Camilia Johari on board 22 will play white also will face Lagunow Elina of Germany. Camilia will face an uphill task against her more stronger opponent and if she can get a draw or win, it'll be bonus to her. However Lagunow should not be taken lightly as she had more international exposure in Europe.

Under-14 Boys

Wong Jianwen will play black and face Hungarian Tesik Csaba. Wong should be able to draw or win as he had shown his competancy during Malaysian Open & KL Open.

Elgin Lee Kah Meng should not face any problem against Albanian player Gjika Gent and should record a win here. Any lapse in concentration will cause him to lose or draw.

Under-14 Girls

Penangnite Hoh Tjin Li will play against Albanian Tuzi Bruna. In this fight Hoh Tjin Li should be able to win her opponent. COME ON TJIN LI! Show your SPIRIT! MALAYSIA PASTI BOLEH!!!

Under-16 Boys

Lastly Sumant Subramaniam will face an uphill task against France FM Song Julien.

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