Monday, November 16, 2009

Malaysian Player in Action Round 4 in WYCC 2009!


    1. Amier Hamzah U-8 Boys 2.5 points
    2. Teh De Juan U-8 Boys 2 points
    3. Teh De Zen U-8 Girls 2 points
    4. WFM Nur Najiha U-10 Girls 1.5 point
    5. Muhd Irfan Haqqim U-12 Boy 0.5 point
    6. WCM Nur Nabila U-12 Girls 3 points
    7. Camilia Johari U-12 Girls 2 point
    8. Wong Jianwen U-14 Boys 1 point
    9. Elgin Lee Kah Meng U-14 Boys 1.5 point
    10. Hoh Tjin Li U-14 Girls 1 point
    11. Sumant Subramaniam U-16 Boys 1 point

Under-8 Boys

Amier Hamzah will play white at table 6 against Shentov Petar-Delian from Bulgaria. Teh De Juan also play white against ENKHTUNGALAG Tuvshintogs of Mongolia. Both players should be able to win their respective games but Amier will be facing stiff competition from the Bulgarian counterpart.

Under-8 Girls

Teh De Zen will play black against GUTIERREZ Itandehu of Mexico on table 16. It’ll not be easy for Teh De Zen & also will be a test for her to overcome her 3rd round defeat. However in this category, anything is possible! Should get a win here.

Under-10 Girls

Nur Najiha will face an uphill battle against WFM Liao Simone of USA playing white. She should be able to get at least a draw & a win for her would be extra bonus!

Under-12 Boys

Mohd Irfan Haqqim should have a win against Alharari Mohamed from Liberia. Go Irfan GO!!!

Under-12 Girls

Nur Nabila will be able to score a win against Hincu Olga on board 4 while Camilia Johari with her confidence growing will be facing Azebajian player Baghirova Khatin Mahammad Qizi and a draw would be seem possible.

Under-14 Boys

Wong Jianwen should be able to score victory against Akunov Maskat while Elgin Lee is facing 300 point difference opponent El Jawich Amro from Liberia playing black. Go Guys Go! It’s time to show your true strength! Don’t let your defeat hinder you!

Under-14 Girls

Penangnite Hoh Tjin Li also will be facing uphill battle against rated Kuehnel Lena from Germany. Fight for WIN OR DRAW!

Under-16 Boys

Sumant Subramaniam playing black will face Van Rensburg Pierre from South Africa. He should be able to score a win for himself! Remember your CAMERON HIGHLANDS!

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