Thursday, December 9, 2010

David vs Goliath, Clash of the Titan in U-9 Asian Schools 2010

Under 9 Category

Teh De Juan lost the last round against rated Iranian Ganjali Hossein. So far his results were better as his opponents were half of his field. The next round he will face Askey Raveen Nimesh of Sri Lanka. Keep up the good job! Don’t be disappoint over 1 lost. The fight is not over yet.  

Under 9 Girls Category

Teh De Zen won her last game against Natasha the sister of Raveen whom will play with De Juan in the next round. Now she will play against Indian titan Harshini whom is also the top seed of the tournament with the rating of 1519. If she wins, it will be a remarkable achievement for her. If she draws, Harshini will has tough time to compete as she hasn’t played with the upper half. 

Both of the games will start 6:00pm Malaysian time.

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