Monday, December 20, 2010

NJM Lim Zhuo Ren Won National Junior Chess Championship Boys 2010

5 Players in Double Round Robin

Mark Siew, Syakir, Sumant Subramaniam, Wong Jianwen & Lim Zhuo Ren got 7 points & have to play play-off. They played in the Double round robin of white and black with the time control of 15 minutes incremental 10 seconds which started around 2:45pm & finish around 10pm. It was determined by match point. In order to win the players need to score 1.5 game points while if the game point tied, Armageddon(sudden death) will be played with time control of 5 min for white & 4 minutes for black to decide the match point. White has to win while Black only needs a draw to win the match point for the Armageddon match. Chess pieces colour were used to draw up the color for the Armageddon match. Whoever has the most match points will become the champion of the National Junior Chess Championship Boys 2010 & given the title of NJM (National Junior Master).

After a number of rounds, Mark, Syakir & Sumant only obtained 1 match point. However Zhuo Ren (2 Armageddon match point from Mark Siew & Sumant) & Jian Wen (2 and 1.5 game points from Sumant & Syakir respectively)both scored 2 match point and 1 game point each will face each other for the decider match point of 3. Zhuo Ren played white & Jian Wen played black. Finally Jian Wen lost on time but at a certain time Jian Wen was leading 14 seconds to 8 seconds and was concentrating in the tough position of bishop vs knight endgame. Finally Zhuo Ren won the deciding match point to a total 3 match point & became the 3rd NJM (National Junior Master) in the National Junior Chess Championship 2010. Congratulations to NJM Lim Zhuo Ren & the play-off players! You were all the champion & be proud of yourself!

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