Sunday, December 12, 2010

Foreign Domination With India Leading in Asian Schools 2010

The performances of the foreign players were too much for 150 strong Sri Lankan Delegations in the Asian Schools. However Sri Lanka players should be commended for giving the foreigners tough fight and their run of money. The tournament shifts to Global Towers Hotel, Colombo 06 where the last round will be commence at 9.00 am (11am Malaysian time today). The Closing Ceremony will be held in the evening at the same venue.
Under 7 Open

LN Aravind Ram from India, who is the only rated player in the event leads with 8 wins from 8 games will surely be runaway winner. He is followed by the Australian entry Kevin Willathgamuwa (7 points), while Sri Lankan Harshana Thilakaratne third with 6 points. However Kevin & Harshana will have tougher fight.

Under 7 Girls 

Saina Salonika, the only rated player in the section, hailing from India also has 8 wins from 8 games and leads several Sri Lankan. Asani Weerasinghe is placed second with 6.5 points while Rishnie Sewwandi has 5 points after the conclusion of Round 8.

Under 9 Open

Indian Aryan Chopra enjoys a half point lead over the field in the Under 9 Open section with 7.5 points after beating Malaysian Teh De Juan . He is followed by Nima Fendereski from Iran with 6.5 points and China Zhou Xianghend with 6 points. 3 others on 5.5 points are also catching for silver & bronze medal if Nima falter. Sri Lanka’s Anurasa is also in the group. Malaysia Teh De Juan still have chance of top 5 provided he play his best. The fight isn’t over yet.. ! Show your trueself!

Under 9 Girls

Malaysia’s Teh De Zen is leading the Under 9 Girls with 8 points and is chased by the top two seeds from India K. Priyanka (7 points) and A. Harshini (6 points). There are several Sri Lankan girls who still have chance to catch up with Harshini provided they have to do well against the higher rated players to get a chance at the Bronze medal in the Individual competition.

Under 11 Open 

V. Karhtik from India leading the event with 7.5 points. He is followed by Vijay Pranav (India–6.5 Pts), Supun Kuruppu and Naotunna Dineth Nimantha (both of them Sri Lanka 5.5 pts). However Vijay will play against Naotunna for gold medal if Karthik lose. Supun Kuruppu will have more realistic chance of getting silver or bronze medal if he wins.

Under 11 Girls 

Iraninan Mobina Alinasabalamdari who has 7 points followed closely by Indian C. H. Meghna with 6.5 points and Chinese player Zheng Ziqui also has a realistic medal prospect ending with 6 points.

Under 13 Open

Second seed Arian Khorsandi from Iran is comfortably ahead of the field in the Under 13 Open section and is ahead of his rivals by 1 point. There are 3 players that are tied with 6 points and the highest tiebreak are Kaushik Bhave (India),  Zhang Jiabao (China), Yogit S (India) for silver or bronze medal.  Sri Lanka’s Kashapa Kulasekara  with 5 points still has a chance for silver or bronze provided he can beat 1st seed Zhang Jiabao from China.

Under 13 Girls

Smaraki Mohatty from India is leading with 7 points followed closely by Sri Lanka’s Tiumi Yashora and C. K. Varsha (India) in the Under 13 girls by a solitary half a point. Another Sri Lanka Chandrasiri S A K with 6 points still have chance for medal if one of the top 3 lose the game.

Under 15 Open

Udith Jayasundara student of Nalanda College is comfortably leading the event with 7.5 points out of 8, and have beaten all his nearest rivals. He also won the Gold medal for Sri Lanka. Chiransana Lamaheva also from Sri Lanka follow him with 6 points and should join him on the podium. UAE’s Anwar Walid is placed third with 6 points.

Under 15 Girls

Natasha Sandali won the gold medal with 5.5 points out of 7 and another Sri Lankan Women’s National Champion, WFM Dinushki Premanath who has 4.5 points took silver. While the Iranian competitor Karimi Yeganeh obtained bronze medal. The Under 15 Girls only have 7 rounds because there are only 12 players in the pool.

Source: Sri Lanka Chess Federation.


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