Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Malaysians to Press On in Singapore Age-group & Festival

Malaysia junior tigers continue to show their prowess & fighting spirit in Singapore

Under 8 Open

Wong Yinn Long continue his remarkable play of 2 wins in Round 4 & Round 5 & will face Singaporean Cyrus Low for round 6. It will be deciding factor of who will take the lead for the Under 8 Open.

Under 8 Girls

WFM Le Tran Phuong Uyen proved to be too hot to handle for Zainoor Ikmal when she lost her game in Round 4 but she bounced back with determination win over Singaporean Tin Ruiqi. She now scored 3.5 points and will play Steffi Lim. Tan Jia Xuan also recorded 1 win & 1 draw with a total points of 2.5 and will play Singaporean R Shahana while her sister, Tan Jia Jin suffered 2 losses & will play Sagar Siya.

Under 11 Open

Malaysia junior players are putting the pressure on the Singaporean 1st seed FM Tin Jingyao. In Round 4, Tang Wei Kit recorded a fantastic win against Shawn Foo with 4 points while Teh De Juan upset compatriot Ooi Zhi Yang whom is 3rd seed and there were cheers from Mohd Noor Azam, CM Amier Hamzah & Mohd Junaidi whom won their respective games. Teoh Ern Sheng couldn’t continue his form & suffered his 1st lost to Singaporean Rudolph Lau.

In Round 5, there were mixed fortunes as Tang Wei Kit couldn’t stop FM Tin Jingyao while Mohd Noor Azam also suffered his lost to Rudolph Lau. Teh De Juan only could draw with Hong Kong Wong Yee Chit while CM Amier Hamzah won his game against compatriot Muhd Hafidzuddin.  Teoh Ern Sheng & Ooi Zhi Yang also couldn’t convert a win here.

In Round 6, Teh De Juan, CM Amier Hamzah & Tang Wei Kit are leading the Malaysian with 4 points for this category. Teh De Juan will play against CM Amier Hamzah while on the top board will see two Singaporeans facing each other; Rudolph Lau & FM Tin Jingyao. Tang Wei Kit will play with Indian Kashyap while Mohd Noor azam will play with Singaporean Nicholas Ang.

Under 11 Girls

There are up and downs for Malaysian contingent for Round 4 & Round 5. In round 4, there were wins for WFM Nur Najiha, Siti Khadijah, Puteri Munajjah and The De Zen while Puteri Rifqah lost to Kazahstan WFM Abdumalik.

In Round 5 WFM Nur Najiha suffered another shock defeat to Indian Sagar Tejaswini while there were wins for Puteri Munajjah & Teh De Zen against Singaporean Rachel Soh & compatriot Puteri Rifqah.

For the round 6 Puteri Munajjah & Teh De Zen are carrying the Malaysia flag with 4 points and both of them are facing tougher opponent respectively against Thai Atthaworadej and Indonesia Chandra Vania. WFM Nur Najiha & Puteri Rifqah will face Singaporeans Foo Kai En & Seiw Kai Xin.

Under 14 Open

Muhd Irfan produced one of his best performance when he gained 2 points for Round 4 & Round 5. Aron Teh suffered his first lost to Filipino Evangelista while Yap wan Lin could only draw against Indian Goenka in round 4. In round 5 Yap Wan Lin produced upset against compatriot Tan Jun Feng while Aron Teh & Liew Ken Yew couldn’t bounced back from their previous defeat.

We are going to Round 6 with Muhd Irfan leading the Malaysian camp with 4 points followed closely by Yap Wan Lin(3.5 points) and Aron Teh & Tan Jun Feng with 2.5 points. Muhd Irfan will meet Singaporean Calvin Ong while Yap Wan Lin will meet Thai Sachaplalert. It’s unfortunate for Malaysia that Tan Jun Feng & Aron Teh will play each other. 

Under 14 Girls

It’s good news for Malaysia when WCM Nur Nabila regained the lead when she scored 2 points in round 4 & round 5. Tang Kar Khei couldn’t continue her momentum when she suffered lost in round 5. It seems that Camilia Johari also come from behind to chase the pack.

for the round 6 WCM Nur Nabila will play with Vietnamese WFM Dao Thi Lan while following closely by her friends Camilia Johari & Tang Kar Khei with 3 points each against Singaporean Yuan Wei Ting & Indian Misal Tansika.

Under 17 Open

Muhd Nabil lost the 5th round to FM Nguyen Van Hai and so far achieved 3.5 points and will meet Indian Purval Jadhav. Muhammad Syakir also facing his tough time in this competition with only 2 points and will meet Indonesia Yuliana Sentosa. Syakir & Nabil I believe you have more skills & talent & it’s time for you to unleash it! Keep on FIGHTING!

Asean Open Men

It seems NM Edward Lee needs to warm up & has slow start of engine in the first few rounds. In the round 4 & 5, NM Edward Lee achieved incredible results with draw against Indonesia Pitra Andika & won Singaporean FM Daniel Chan. Both of his opponents were 2300+. He will meet Indonesian FM Novita Anjas for round 6.  Congratulations NM Edward Lee & Keep it UP!

Asean Women

WFM Alia Anin Bakri lost her 4th round but drew with Filipino WIM Beverly Mendoza and so far scored 2 points. For the round 6 she will play Singaporean WFM Melissa Lo. Keep up the good work Alia and believe in yourself!!

Singapore Open

It seems round 4 is the bitter pill for the Malaysian with NJM Lim Zhuo Ren, Richard Kimbin, Tan Li Ting, and Ahmad Afiq Rosli suffered their losses while Mark Siew, Lim Kian Hwa & Olivia Madhavan won their games. 

For the round 5, Malaysia start to come back with NJM Lim Zhuo Ren drew with Indian WFM Patil Mitali & Mark Siew won against Indonesian Albakh Ghasssan. NWM ‘cili padi’ Tan Li Ting scored her biggest upset against Singaporean Scott Neubronner.

Mark Siew is leading the Malaysian pack with 3.5 points who will meet IM Alexei Romanov of Russia while NJM Lim Zhuo Ren will face NWM ‘cili padi’ Tan Li Ting for round 6. It will be a test for NJM Lim Zhuo Ren. Both of them have 3 points each.

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