Monday, October 6, 2008

Rybka too strong in World Computer Chess Championship

The US program Rybka won the 16th World Computer Chess Championship that was held from September 28th to October 5th 2008 in Beijing Golden Century Golf Club, Fangshan, Beijing, China, a full point ahead of its nearest rival, the British program Hiarcs. Rybka drew with Junior from Israel & Cluster Toga from Germany with the remaining wins. Third, a point behind, was the Israeli program Junior, followed by Cluster Toga and then Shredder. The hardware used in the event ranged from a 40-core system to a Nokia cell phone.


Computer Chess World Champion Vasik Rajlich, creator of Rybka


The Winner

Prices for Rybka

Multi-processor version: Deep Rybka 3 99.90 Euro

Single processor version: Rybka 3 49.99 Euro

Rybka 3 Book 24.99 Euro

Note that Rybka 3 includes a database of one million games, and that the purchase of the program entitles you to one year of access to the chess server Rybka 3 is a UCI engine, with 32 and 64-bit versions included in the package. Rybka can be made the default engine in ChessBase 10.

Rank Program Origin Hardware Score Games
1 Rybka clip_image002
Cluster, 40 cores 8 9
2 Hiarcs clip_image004
Intel Skulltrail, 8 x 4Ghz 7 9
3 Junior clip_image006
Intel Dunnington, 12 x 2.67Ghz 6 9
4 Cluster Toga clip_image008
Cluster, 24 cores 5.5 9
5 Shredder clip_image008
Intel Core 2, 8 x 3.16Ghz 4.5 9
6 Falcon clip_image006
Intel Core 2, 2 x 2.1Ghz 4 9
7 Jonny clip_image008
Cluster, 16 cores 4 9
8 Sjeng clip_image010
Intel Core 2, 4 x 2.8Ghz 3.5 9
9 The Baron clip_image012
AMD Opteron 270, 4 x 2Ghz 2.5 9
10 Mobile Chess clip_image014
Nokia 6120c 0 9

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