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2009 Queenstown Chess Classic, Queenstown, New Zealand

Always wanted to visit New Zealand? Here's a great reason to do so! Combine your holiday of a lifetime with a chess tournament in Queenstown, adventure capital of the world and location of many scenes in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.image

The Queenstown Chess Classic (incorporating the 2009 New Zealand Chess Championships) is a 10-round FIDE (World Chess Federation) rated tournament. FIDE title norms are possible, depending on the standard of opposition met. The tournament will be played from 15th-24th January 2009 at the Millennium Hotel, Queenstown's premiere events venue.

All QCC games start at 3pm. One game per day.

Time Control: 100 minutes each player + 1 minute increment for each move played. This is a generous time control (equivalent to 2 hours 20 minutes for the first 40 moves) and conducive to top quality chess.


ROUND 1 - Thursday 15th January
ROUND 2 - Friday 16th January
ROUND 3 - Saturday 17th January 
ROUND 4 - Sunday 18th January
ROUND 5 - Monday 19th January
ROUND 6 - Tuesday 20th January
ROUND 7 - Wednesday 21st January
ROUND 8 - Thursday 22nd January
ROUND 9 - Friday 23rd January
ROUND 10 - Saturday 24th January (Prize-giving 9.30 pm)

New Zealand Rapidplay - Sunday 25th and Monday 26th January
New Zealand Lightning - Monday 26th January
Queenstown Chess Classic Registration: 14th January, 6-8 pm at the tournament hall. All players who have arrived in Queenstown are asked to register at the tournament hall at this time.


imageNZ $50,000 is guaranteed (approximately Australian $45,000, US $38,000, Euros 28,000, GBP 19,000). This is the largest prize fund ever for a tournament in New Zealand. All prizes are shown here in New Zealand dollars. Prize money will be shared equally amongst players on the same final score.

1st: $10,000     6th: $3,000  11th: $1,600    

2nd: $7,000      7th: $2,500  12th: $1,550

3rd: $5,000      8th: $2,000   13th: $1,500

4th: $4,000      9th: $1,800   14th: $1,450

5th: $3,500     10th: $1,700   15th: $1,400

The overall winner of the 1st Queenstown Chess Classic (of any nationality) will become the 2009 NEW ZEALAND OPEN CHESS CHAMPION. Tie-break: player with the fewest draws, or, if still tied, best sum of progressive scores.
The highest placed New Zealand player(s) will become the official 2009 NEW ZEALAND CLOSED CHESS CHAMPION(S). One place in the 2009 Oceania Zonal in Australia will be awarded, on tiebreak.
Grading Prizes: Best under 2000: $500
Best under 1800: $500
Best under 1600: $500
Senior Prize (age 55 or over, on 15/1/2009): Trophy and book prize
The highest placed New Zealand player(s) rated under 2000 will become the official NEW ZEALAND MAJOR OPEN CHAMPION(S): trophy and $250
The highest placed female New Zealand player will be awarded a place in the 2009 Oceania Women's Zonal (on tiebreak if necessary).
Junior Prizes (age at 01/01/2009):
Best junior U-12 $125 + trophy
Best junior U-15 $125 + trophy
DAILY GAMBIT PRIZE: each day a book prize, donated by Gambit Publications Ltd, will be awarded by the arbiters for a meritorious performance - on or off the chessboard.


Players are advised to enter early to guarantee a place in this unique event.

Entry fees for the Queenstown Chess Classic, 15-24 January 2009:

NZ $165 Approximate equivalent Australian $148, US $122, Euros 90, UK £61

NZ $88 for juniors (if under 18 at 01/01/2009). Approximate equivalent Australian $79, US $65, Euros 48, UK £33

All Grandmasters (including wgm) receive free entry. Australian/New Zealand International Masters (including wim) free entry (reduced entry fee of $90 will be deducted from any prize won). Organisers must receive notification of booked flights itinerary by 1st December 2008 for titled players claiming free entry, or normal entry fee/late fees will be payable.

Late entry fees: Add $35 if entering after 1st November 2008/add $70 if entering after 1st January 2009/add $90 on site. Entry fee payments must be made at time of entry, or else late entry fees will be charged.

Entry fees for the New Zealand Rapidplay and Lightning Championships, 25-26 January 2009:
Rapidplay: $80 (juniors under 20 on 01/01/2009 - $50)
Lightning: $35 (juniors under 20 on 01/01/2009 - $25)
Entry fees for the Rapidplay and Lightning can be paid in person during the Queenstown Chess Classic. No late entry fees apply.
Grandmasters and International Masters (including wgm, wim) are offered free entry to the Rapidplay and Lightning, with the proviso that an amount equal to the appropriate entry fee will be deducted from any prize won.

Send entries (preferably by e-mail) to:
102 Picton Street, Howick, Auckland, New Zealand
Fax 00 64 (0)9 5347885
Telephone 00 64 (0)9 5347411
If telephoning from abroad please remember to check the time difference between your country and New Zealand!

If entering by e-mail please state:
Name, address, telephone number and e-mail address
Your Federation, FIDE rating and national rating
Your credit card details (number and expiry date)

For New Zealand players only, cheques sent by post are acceptable. Do not send cheques from abroad. From abroad: bank transfers are expensive, so please pay your entry fee by credit card if at all possible.

No entry will be considered accepted until payment is received. All entries will be confirmed by e-mail. Entry fee payments will be acknowledged by e-mail.

Conditions for masters/grandmasters
The prizefund for the 2009 Queenstown Classic is a record for a chess event in New Zealand. Almost all of the financial resources have gone into this, and in creating outstanding playing conditions. All Grandmasters, plus Australian/New Zealand International Masters, receive free entry (on condition organisers receive notification of booked flights itinerary by 1st December 2008). For any other queries, titled players may contact Murray Chandler on

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