Saturday, September 20, 2008

1st World Mind Sports Games (WMSG) 3 - 18 October


Introduction of the 1st World Mind Sports Games (WMSG)

Sponsored by the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA), the World Mind Sports Games is an international multi-events games with the purpose to popularizing the sports and widening the influence of mind sports like bridge, chess, go, draughts and xiangqi.

In order to strengthen the Olympic family, the president of the International Mind Sports Games first proposed the idea of holding Mind Sports Olympic Games after the founding of IMSA in April, 2005. The International Olympic Committee supported this idea and hoped to firstly host a worldwide mind sports games to complement the vacancy that there was no international multi-events games for mind sports. Therefore, the 1st World Mind Sports Games was born.

The 1st WMSG is a multi-event game and for the first time in human history the five mind sports are integrated as one game. The five mind sports are: bridge, chess, go, draughts, and xiangqi, which have the longest history, the widest popularity and widest influence in the world. It is not only a creative pageant in the sport circle but also an abundant content and large scale exchange for the traditional culture of human being and wisdom. The successful holding the 1si WMSG will definitely further promote the development of mind sports in the world and will draw peoples attention to get to know, to love and to participate in the mind sports, creating a harmonious atmosphere of edifying wisdom, refining sentiment and pursuing a mental and physical harmony.


According to the Chinese Chess Association, the chess competition schedule of the World Mind Sports Games (WMSG) has been officially released. From 4 October to 17 October players will compete for the ten individual gold medals. The schedule is very tight, a participant for the super-rapid individual events will play over eleven rounds one day, which is a severe test of the strength and the willpower of the participants, especially to those who also play other events concurrently.

The WMSG Chess Schedule includes the rapid and super-rapid events; in super-rapid event each player has three minutes to think and two seconds for every move, in fast games each player has twenty-five minutes to think and five seconds for every move. Five gold medals are set for the rapid and super-rapid events, including men’s individual, women’s individual, mixed doubles, men’s team and women’s team. The chess mixed doubles event differs from the mixed doubles of go, in which two men and two women play go together and the four alternate moves. In chess mixed doubles, players are one man and one woman out of each association, a man plays against another man, a woman plays against another woman, the final result is the total score of the man and woman from the same association.

The rules of the games are rather strict. Before the competition starts, players must be seated at the chess table. otherwise, an absent player will be counted as waive and loses the game once the chief referee announces the start of the competition. Besides, a doping test will be taken.

The Format

In the 1st World Mind Sports Games, for Chess there are 10 events: Chess Individual Blitz (Women), Chess Individual Blitz (Men), Chess Individual Rapid (Women), Chess Individual Rapid Men, Chess Paris Blitz (Mixed), Chess Paris Rapid (Mixed), Chess Teams Blitz (Women), Chess Teams Blitz (Men), Chess Teams Rapid (Women) and Chess Teams Rapid (Men).

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