Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Organiser      : Johore Chess Academy , MBJB and JB Chess Association
Venue           : JB Indoor Stadium, Johor Bahru ( Stadium Tertutup Bandaraya JB )
Date & Time  : Sunday, 19th April 2009
Time Control  : Swiss system of 7 rounds with 25 minutes per player to complete the game
Entry Fee      : RM 60.00 for Open
                      RM 12.00 for Under 16
                      RM 10.00 for Under 12

Prizes Open Under 16 Under 12
1st  RM3,000 RM500.00 RM300.00
2nd RM1,000 RM200.00 RM150.00
3rd RM700 RM100.00 RM80.00
4th RM600 RM80.00 RM70.00
5th RM400 RM70.00 RM60.00
6th RM300 RM50.00 RM50.00
7th RM300 RM50.00 RM50.00
8th RM200 RM50.00 RM50.00
9th RM200 RM50.00 RM50.00
10th RM200 RM50.00 RM50.00

Closing Date  : Shall not be later than 17th April 2009
Late entries and entries without payment will not be accepted. Entry fees are not refundable. In the event of any disputes ( outside the Laws of Chess ), the organizer's decision shall be final and no further correspondences shall be entertained .
Those interested in participating in this event, kindly email to me your names.
For further information, kindly contact :
Narayanan Krishnan
Tournament Director
Johore Chess Academy
H/P N0 : 0137717525

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