Sunday, February 15, 2009

Le Tour De Langkawi



Picture taken from the official website

Here I got a chance in a lifetime to watch the cycling of Le Tour De Langkawi in front of Sogo while walking towards Wilayah Complex for the CAS tournament. It caused some chess players lost of direction with the roadblock for the LTDL event. Yippie!! Moreover it was the finale of the last race in the event.

Here what's Le Tour De Langkawi:

The Tour de Langkawi is an annual cycling race which is held in Malaysia since 1996. The name of the event comes from the starting point of the first few editions, in Langkawi, Kedah, although some later editions did not include Langkawi in the race at all. The race is part of the UCI Asia Tour.

Four jerseys are contested during the race, although in history the jersey colours changed all the time to suit the sponsor, they are general leader; sprint winner; king of the mountains and best Asian rider. In addition, they are two team titles to honour the best team and also the best Asian team.

The tour is the biggest cycling event in Asia, and it is the only one in Asia to have granted two hors-category. However, the latest edition of the tour was influenced by the failure to pay the prize money from organiser, lack of management and also some financial difficulties.

However this year LE Tour de Langkawi (LTdL), Malaysia's biggest race sees its shortest ever edition running from February 9 to 15 next year, driven into cost-cutting measures by the global economic meltdown.

Nevertheless, the seven-stage hors categorie race offers and enticing affair as an improved, compact version of the race that covers 1,029 kilometres in total promises to pile the pressure on a bigger mix of riders in a 120-strong peloton made up of 20 teams.

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