Thursday, February 26, 2009

Who will win Aeroflot Open 2009?

Here we have the 1st board clash between current leader GM Arman Pashikian who yesterday beat GM Igor Kurnosov will face his stiff challenge from GM Etienne Bacrot. We will see two Asian representative GM Zhou Weiqi against GM Alexander Moiseenko and GM Jianchoa Zhou against GM Gabriel Sargissian. GM Igor Kurnosov who suffered his first lost hope to regain back his momentum will face GM Borki Predojevic and GM Sergei Zhihalko playing against Russian GM Vladimit Potkin.

Table  White  Score  Fed.  Rating  Black  Score  Fed.  Rating 
1 GM Pashikian, Arman  6 ARM  2621 GM Bacrot, Etienne  5.5 FRA  2722
2 GM Moiseenko, Alexander  5.5 UKR  2676 GM Zhou, Weiqi  5.5 CHN  2542
3 GM Kurnosov, Igor  5.5 RUS  2602 GM Predojevic, Borki  5.5 BIH  2650
4 GM Zhigalko, Sergei  5.5 BLR  2587 GM Potkin, Vladimir  5.5 RUS  2613
5 GM Sargissian, Gabriel  5 ARM  2677 GM Zhou, Jianchao  5.5 CHN  2612

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