Sunday, February 22, 2009

World Chess Challenge Kamsky - Topalov Rest Day

As you know today morning 3am (Malaysian time) Kamsky get his revenge & able to adjust his time problem this time. For the past 3 rounds he always trailing time to Topalov maybe due to complications of chess positions or due to his recent comeback of his activeness of chess playing. However for those who miss it here are the results:

Tuesday February 17 Game 1 Topalov-Kamsky ½-½

Wednesday February 18 Game 2 Kamsky-Topalov 0-1

Friday February 20 Game 3 Topalov-Kamsky ½-½

Saturday February 21 Game 4 Kamsky-Topalov 1-0

So it's 2-2 half way through with 4 more matches to be played. Round 5 Topalov - Kamsky will resume on Monday February 23. Who will lead in Round 5 or will it be another draw this time?

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