Wednesday, February 4, 2009

MMU Melaka Open Chess Tournament

Date : 28th of February 2009 to 1st of March 2009

Venue : Exam Hall, MMU Melaka Campus

Campus address : Multimedia University (Melaka Campus),
Bukit Beruang, 75400,
Ayer Keroh, Melaka.
Registration fee
Individual Registration : RM 20 per person.*
(Excluding food and accommodation)

1st Place Trophy + RM 1000
2nd Trophy + RM 600
3rd Trophy + RM 300
4th Medal + RM 200
5th Medal + RM 100
6th Medal + RM 100
7th Medal + RM 100
8th Medal + RM 100
9th Medal + RM 100
10th Medal + RM 100
Special Awards

Best Institution: Trophy

Best Ladies: Medal

Best Under-18: Medal


Saturday- 28th February

9.00-12.00am Registration
12.00-1.00pm Lunch
1.00-2.30pm Round 1
3.00-4.30pm Round 2
5.00-6.30pm Round 3
6.30-7.30pm Dinner
7.30pm onward Check-in into hotel and Free Time for participants

Sunday- 1st March

8.00-9.00am Arrival of participants
9.00-10.30am Round 4
11.00-12.30pm Round 5
12.30-1.30pm Lunch
1.30-3.00pm Round 6
3.00-5.00pm Round 7
5.00-6.30pm Closing Ceremony / Prize Giving Ceremony
6.30-7.30pm Dinner
7.30pm onward Departure

Rules and Regulations

* FIDE 7 Round Swiss System.
* The maximum of participants 120 players.
* A team can only consist up to 4 or More(Cumulative Top 4 only be
Taken.Each team can register themselves under an institution, school
or a public group. A public group will not be qualified to receive the
Best Institution
* Age is taken as of 1st of January 2009.
* Each game will have a time control of 45 minutes per side.
* A walkover/win to opponent after 30 minutes.
* Players that are absent without a valid reason will be removed
in the next round.
* Players are to record their moves.
* The arbiter's decision is final. However, participants may
appeal within 15 minutes of the subjected game. A fee of RM 50 will be
charged. This fee will not be returned if the appeal fails. An appeal
committee will be formed.
* The organizing committee reserves the right to make amendments
or any changes to the rules and regulation if the need arises.

To register, send an email to mmu.chessclub@ and cc it to
leanjee@gmail. com/ladyfinger87@ . State your name, identity
no, contact number, and institution (or group name). FIDE rating
/ National Rating be stated..

Payment latest by 12pm on the 28th of February 2009. Late registration pay a penalty of RM 5. Payment can be made to Ms Lee Pei Swan through Maybank Account Number 104068129647

Accommodation can be arranged for at hotels.
Arrangements for transportation from Melaka Sentral Bus terminal.
State your time of arrival.
Enquiries: Ngow Lean Jee 017 - 3997450 Yong Gwo-Liang 016 - 2086504

Personal Detail

NAME : ____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ ________

(FIDE and NATIONAL)RATING: ____________ _________ _

IC(NEW); : ____________ _________ _ SEX : F/M

ADDRESS : ____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

SCHOOL/IPTA/ IPTS :___________ _________ ____

TELEPHONE (HP) ____________ _______
E-MAIL______ _________ ____

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