Monday, April 6, 2009

Chess rules for tournaments players & spectators


1) All players should dress properly. (No slippers, no caps & no hoods).

2) Players must know how to record before taking part in the tournament.

3) No electronic devices are allowed in the tournament as in FIDE article 12.3 (b). Players are forbidden to have a mobile phone or other electronic means of communication in the playing venue. If any such device produces sound, the player shall lose the game. The opponent shall win. 

4) Each move that being move must be made with the same hand that touch the piece & press the clock.

5) During the last 5 minutes, recording is a must with the incremental time of 30 seconds which is mentioned in Fide Article 8.4 If a player has less than five minutes left on his clock at some stage in a period and does not have additional time of 30 seconds or more added with each move, then for the remainder of the period he is not obliged to meet the requirements.

6) Players are not allowed to leave the 'playing venue' without permission from the arbiter as mentioned in Article 12.2. The playing venue is defined as the playing area, rest rooms, refreshment area, area set aside for smoking and other places as designated by the arbiter.

7) The player having the move is not allowed to leave the playing area without the permission of the arbiter as in Article 12.2.

8) During the tournament, I'd seen players use chess pieces to 'stamp' the clock which is not allowed & in Fide Article 6.8 (c). Improper clock handling shall be penalised in accordance with Article 13.4.

9) Reporting of results in the scoresheets remains.

For more info about chess rules, please visit FIDE.


1) Spectators are not allowed to make any commentaries on the game.

2) Spectators are not allowed to cross the boundaries being set at the tournament hall.

3) Spectators must switch off their handphones.

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