Friday, April 17, 2009

Thank You

In the last few weeks I just posted my 'retirement' from arbitering in national events & local tournaments. However that's only the 1st part while the other parts are the organisers. I'm not here to blame the organisers but in my opinion I would like to say that I'm given the toughest group to handle & with limited time to rest for lunch. Furthermore I had to takecare of other sections & hope there will be proper scheduling & others in future. Here I would like to point out that not many people who would like to do the tedious arbitering job & especially sacrifice their weekends to make sure the events run successfully. For more details, please read Star.

I received lots of feedback. I would like to thank those who had asked me to continue the service & don't stop. I attended Easter Day gathering & also would like to thank Dr Andy Lim for special presentation. Special thanks to my cell group leader Ivy for the sermons of the day which is in Luke 23:34 which mention about forgiveness and Luke 6:37 which came to my senses. I felt Him relaying the message to me & thank Him for that. Therefore I forgave them.

I just want to point out something to those who want to become chess organisers.

1) If want to organise events, arrange the schedule properly so that arbiters & the players have sufficient rest in between.

2) Organisers must get arbiters who are equipped with the rules of chess & knowledge of pairing system.

3) The closing date must be fixed & no entries on last minute basis.

4) There should be standard guidelines from the national federations to the organisers who wants to organise tournaments.

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