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The Ravana Challengge

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The Ravana Challenge International Chess Tournament

September 12th – September 20th 2009, Colombo, Sri Lanka

1. Invitation

The Blue & Gold Chess Club in collaboration with the Excalibur Consultants has the honor of inviting all Chess players to participate in the inaugural “The Ravana Challenge International Chess Tournament” under the auspices of the Chess Federation of Sri Lanka, from September 12th (arrival) to September 20th, 2009 (departure) in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Tournament will be held in a 5 star hotel in Colombo.

Blue and Gold guarantees that you will participate in one of the most professional competitions in the history of chess.

Blue and Gold aims for record participation in these events. We hope to attract more than 250 rated players including a minimum 40 Grand Masters from various parts of the world. We are ready to accommodate over 500 participants.

2. Prizes

Trophies, medals and certificates will be awarded to the top performers. A total of USD 15,000 in cash prizes shall be awarded as follows:

Overall Champion Trophy, Gold Medal & USD 3000 11th Place USD 200
1st Runner Up Silver Medal & USD. 2000 12th Place USD 200
2nd Runner Up Bronze Medal & USD. 1500 13th Place USD 200
4th Place USD 1,000 14th Place USD 200
5th Place USD 800 15th Place USD 100
6th Place USD 600 16th Place USD 100
7th Place USD 400 17th Place USD 100
8th Place USD 300 18th Place USD 100
9th Place USD 200 19th Place USD 100
10th Place USD 200 20th Place USD 100

Best Player - Rating category (minimum 5 points) All Top 3 will be given Gold, Silver or Bronze respective.

  2251-2399 2100-2250 1900-2099 Below1900 Best Women
Champion USD 300 USD 300 USD 200 USD 100 USD 400
1st Runner Up USD 200 USD 200 USD 100 USD 50 USD 300
2nd Runner Up USD 200 USD 200 USD 100 USD 50 USD 200
4th Place   USD 100 USD 100 USD 50 USD 100
5th Place   USD 100 USD 100 USD 50 USD 50
6th Place         USD 50

1 USD = Rs 114

All amounts are will be paid in Sri Lanka Rupees. Please note that a Tax@10% (as per Sri Lankan income tax regulations) will be deducted from the prize money.

Ties shall be broken and cash prizes shall NOT be shared among the winners.

3. Registration

The deadline for registration is July 30, 2009. After this a late registration charge will be added. However, organisers reserve the right to refuse or decline late registrations. (Details are given under the heading ‘Entry fees’ )

The registration form must include the FIDE ID, surname, first name, international rating and FIDE title and the passport details of every player and every accompanying person. An identity photo (2x3 cm) must also be sent for each player and accompanying person by 30th July 2009. The photo can also be taken on arrival at the Hotel at the cost of US$1.00.

All players must pay their entry fee and accommodation with registration.

Players will not be paired until all payments have been fulfilled.

SLCF registration fee for 2009 is compulsory for all Sri Lankan participants.

4. Format

The tournament will be played using the Swiss system with 10 rounds. The national rankings will not be taken into account for pairings. The rate of play will be in accordance with the FIDE rules: 90 minutes for the first 40 moves followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an addition of 30 seconds per move starting from move one. Official tie-break rules of FIDE will be accepted. The cash prizes however will NOT be shared.

5. Playing Schedule

Arrival 12th September 2009 at 1200 hrs.

Inauguration 12th September 2009 at 1800 hrs.


Day 1   13.09.2009 10.00 hrs. Round 1

           13.09.2009 16.30 hrs. Round 2

Day 2   14.09.2009 15.00 hrs. Round 3

Day 3   15.09.2009 15 .00 hrs. Round 4

Day 4   16.09.2009 9.30 hrs. Round 5

          16.09.2009 16.30 hrs. Round 6

Day 5   17.09.2009 15.00 hrs. Round 7

Day 6   18.09.2009 9.30 hrs . Round 8

          18.09.2009 16.30 hrs. Round 9

Day 7   19.09.2009 9.30 hrs. Round 10

           19.09.2009 16.00 hrs Prize Distribution Ceremony

20th September 12.00 hrs Departure

6. Entry Fees

GMs, IMs, WGMs, WIMs and players with ratings above 2500 will not be charged entry fees.

Rated 2400-2499 USD 50 Rated 2300-2399 USD 70

Rated 2200-2299 USD 100 Rated 2000-2199 USD 130

Rated 1800-1999 USD 160 Rated 1400-1799 Rs. USD 220

Entry fee for SL Players

Rated above 2000 Rs 15,000

Rated between 1800-1999 Rs 20,000

Rated below 1800 Rs 25,000

Unrated players will not be allowed to take part

No request towards waiver of entry fee will be entertained.

FIDE Rating List July 2009 will be considered for all purposes related to the tournament.

The last date of entry: 30th of July, 2009

Entries with late fee of USD 50 1st to 20th of August 2009

Entries with late fee of USD 100 21th of August- 10th of September

Registration- Mail the entry form to the contact address. Registration will be on first come first serve basis

7. Accommodation:

All players will be provided accommodation in a 5 star hotel in Colombo. All foreign players shall stay in the official hotel. Local players shall find their own accommodation.


The personally invited Grandmasters with an Elo rating of above 2500 (1/7/2009) will be provided free food and accommodation in double rooms in a 5 star hotel and will have to share the room with another Grandmaster. All other Grandmasters will be provided free accommodation in triple rooms in a 5 star hotel.

The rates of the hotel will be as follows.
Tournament is for 8 nights

  Full board per day Total Cost  Half board per day Total cost
Single  $ 61 per person  $488  $52 per person  $ 416
Double  $ 84 = $ 42 per person  $ 336 per person $66 = $ 33 per person  $ 264 per person
Triple $ 117 = $ 39 per person $ 312 per person $ 90= $ 30 per person  $ 240 per person

The Blue and Gold Chess Club will arrange entry visa and hotel booking for the participants;
Accommodation will be from September 12th (including dinner) to September 20th (including breakfast).

Early bird discount
If a player pays on or before 30th July he will get a discount of 5%.

  Total Cost (Full) Discount 5% Total Cost (Half) Discount 5%
Single  $ 488 $ 464 per person $ 416 $ 395 per person
Double  $ 336 per person $ 319 per person $ 264 per person $ 250 per person
Triple $ 312 per person $ 296 per person $ 240 per person $ 228 per person

The accommodation charges must be paid in advance. Rooms will be booked on the principle of FCFS (First Come First Served) basis.
8. Weather:
The Weather in Colombo during September is expected to be cold. The minimum / maximum temperature will be around 25/30 Degree Celsius.
9. Venue
Venue of the tournament will be a 5 star hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka (1 hour drive from the Airport) Access to playing areas, venues and the hotels will be allowed only to accredited people by the organisation.

10. Payment procedure
Players should make the payment in advance

Payment procedure, bank details will be notified later

All bank commissions should be paid by sender. As soon as the payment transfer is confirmed, the organising committee will send to the respective player/accompanying person the confirmation of the hotel reservations. Also all confirmed registrations will be declared on the official web site, where players may check their participants’ situation on a daily basis. Players will not be paired until all the payments are made to the organisers.
11. Appeals Committee
The Appeals committee will consist of 5 members and will be declared on the first day of the tournament.
12. Information about Visas
The Federations or players who need assistance with their visas are asked to contact the organizing committee before July 30th, 2009. The organiser will supply official letters of invitation only after all the payments are made (registration and accommodation fees for every member of the delegation). Check Emigration and immigration Sri Lanka http://www.immigration.gov.lk/
13. Tournament Committee:
Tournament committee has the discretion to accept or reject any entry. Decisions of the committee shall be final
and binding in all respect.

14. Contacts of the Organizing Committee
Joint Secretaries, Organizing Committee,
Muditha Hettigama
23/137, Pagoda Road, Sri Lanka.
Mobile : +94 717-394064
Email - mudithahettigama@gmail.com

Malinda Seneviratne
21 St. Mary’s Road, Mt. Lavinia
Mobile : + 94 777-807556
Email – malinsene@gmail.com

FIDE Delegate
Luxman Wijesuriya
Hony. Secretary Chess Federation of Sri Lanka
107/6, Piyadasa Sirisena Mawatha. Colombo 10, Sri Lanka.
Mobile: +94-715-397829
Fax: +94-11-2650622
Email: godigamu@yahoo.com

Entry forms can be obtained here.

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