Tuesday, April 7, 2009

National Age Group My Last Arbitering & 'Retire' Local Comp

The National Age Group will be my last event in arbitering in national & local tournaments after several 'attacks' on my decision which is fully based & comply on FIDE Laws of Chess. The worse part I'm being called racist for the first time in my entire career of chess as an arbiter in 10 years since I left my school & took up the role as Mr Tan assistant. I also heard some rumours & backstab from my friends regarding the decision & against me. When I first started arbitering, I learnt alot from Mr Tan Hock Lye in Penang & other seniors arbiters like Mr Lim Tse Pin, Mr Quah Seng Sun, & Mr. Hamid Majid. I would like to thank them. When I become arbiter, there's 1 thing for sure there's no friends around but 'foes' against the decisions which i had to enforce against them & their children. I'll only do as arbiter for my friends or other organisers who really needs it as I belief in fair play. For any national tournaments, I won't be involve anymore.

If our junior players cant even update on the FIDE rules or our local competition didn't enforce the rules strictly, what will happen if they represent Malaysia someday? Is that mean that FIDE rules are meant to be broken? However I still wish to go & try to earn my arbitering titles.

For now, I only wish to do coaching & bring up the juniors in Malaysia & the centre i work for.  

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