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Asian Cities for the Dubai Cup 15-23 April in Lebanon

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16th Asian Cities Chess Team Championship

(Dubai Cup)

15 – 23 April 2009

Furn El Chebback, Beirut, LEBANON

1. Organization
The tournament shall be organized by the Lebanese Chess Federation under the auspices of the Asian Chess Federation from the 15th till the 23rd of April 2009 in the Meridian Commodore Hotel “Five Star Hotel, see web site:”, Hamra str. Furn El Chebback, Beirut, Lebanon. Organizing Committee
Phone: +961-3-883225
Fax: +961-1-383819

Contact Person (International)
Mr. Elias Khairallah

2. Participation
The Asian Cities Team Championship is open to all affiliated chess federations in Zones 3.1 to 3.6.
Team Composition: 4 Players plus 1 reserve and captain.
Each member federation shall have the right to send one team representing one city. A national federation can participate with more than one team. Subject to confirmation of entry by the Organizing Committee to admit one additional city for each federation, in accordance with D.V.02 of the FIDE Handbook. But in such cases they shall pay for the accommodation of their extra team(s). The organizing federation shall have the right to participate with a maximum of four teams.
Eligibility: all team members are required to have been members of their National Federation for at least one year.
3. Confirmation of Participation
Each federation should confirm participation by the 5th of March 2009 by informing The Organizing Committee of the number and names of cities, with copies to the Continental President for Asia and the relevant Zone President. List of team members should be sent by the 16th of March 2009.
4. Entry Fee
Each participating federation shall pay to the Lebanese Chess Federation the amount of $400 per team for the entry fee to The Asian Chess Federation and registration fee to the Organizing Committee.
5. Expenses
Traveling costs shall be the responsibility of the participating cities. Living expenses shall be the responsibility of the organizing committee for 4 players plus 1 reserve and captain in: One Single Room, One Double Room & one Triple Room Any extra delegates will be charge 120$ in Single Room & 90$ in other sharing rooms
per day
6. Submission of Team Lists
At least one month (15 March 2009) before the start of the tournament, each participating
federation shall notify the organizers of the following details:
(a) Name of the participating city.
(b) Name and initials of the Chief of Delegation.
(c) Name and initials of the Team Captain.
(d) Name ID photo and FIDE ID Number of each player.
(e) FIDE rating of each player (April 2009 FIDE Rating List)
(f) Any information required in connection with visas.
(g) Biodata/photo of each team member.
7. Tournament Regulation
Laws of Chess: The FIDE Laws of chess shall apply.
The following specific regulations for the Asian Cities Chess Team Championship as approved by the FIDE Continental President for Asia shall also be in force. Draws are not allowed before the completion of Black’s 30th move unless by the repetition of position rule. This supersedes Article 9.1 of the Laws of Chess. In case of doubt, the Chief Arbiter’s interpretation shall be final and without appeal.
8. System of Play
The tournament shall be run as a 9-round Swiss System.
Each match between teams shall be played over four boards.
Each team shall comprise 4 to 5 players who shall be listed in a fixed board order (1-5) by the team captain upon registration. This board order may not be changed during the tournament. The penalty for every deviation from the correct sequence in any round is one game point. Example 1-5-4-2 two points shall be forfeited in the match. The use of any player who does not appear in the overall list shall cause that round to be forfeited
9. Schedule
Date Time Program
Wednesday 15 April Arrival Day
11:00 Captains’ Meeting.
17:30 Opening Ceremony
Thursday 16 April
18:00 Round 1
Friday 17 April 9:00 Touristic Tour.
18:00 Round 2
Saturday 18 April 10:00 Round 3
18:00 Round 4
Sunday 19 April 18:00 Round 5
Monday 20 April 10:00 Round 6
18:00 Round 7
Tuesday 21 April 18:00 Round 8
Wednesday 22 April 15:30 Round 9
20:30 Closing Ceremony
Thursday 23 April Departure Day
10. Time Control
The time limit is 90 minutes plus 30 second increments per move for the whole game.
The games shall be played using digital clocks.
11. Scoring
Each team’s place in the order of classification shall be decided by the number of Match Points it has scored. Ties shall be resolved as follows: The position of teams that finish with the same number of Match Points shall be determined by application of the following tie-breaking procedures in sequence,
proceeding from (a) to (b) to (c) to the extent required:
(a) by the sum of Sonnenborn-Berger Points which are calculated as follows: Match Points of each opponent, excluding the opponent who scored the lowest number of Match Points, multiplied by the number of Game Points achieved against this
(b) by the sum of Match Points of all the team’s opponents, excluding the lowest one;
(c) by the number of the Game Points scored.
12. Awards
Challenge Trophy: The winning city in The Asian Cities Chess Championship shall be awarded custody of the Dubai Cup.
This Challenge Trophy is the property of FIDE and shall be insured by the federation to which it was awarded. Should it be lost a replacement is to be made of the same design.
The Challenge Trophy is to be competed at each successive championship. It cannot be acquired in perpetuity and must be returned to the FIDE President or his nominee on demand.
Cash Prizes for the Dubai Cup are:
Champion - U$ 3,000
Runner-up - U$ 2,000
Third Place - U$ 1,000

Medals for the Dubai Cup are:
Boards Medals: Gold, Silver & Bronze.
13. Visa Information
- Entry Visa will be issued by The Lebanese Embassies in the respective Country.
- Participants from Countries which do not have a Lebanese Embassy, should send
a copy of their first three pages of their Passport to the Lebanese Chess Federation
- According to the Lebanese laws, All Passport should not have Israeli stamp, otherwise they will not be able to have an entry Visa. Any matter not mentioned in the Regulations above shall be decided upon, if necessary, after consultation with the Asian Chess Federation.

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