Friday, March 13, 2009

MSSM 2009 Who will become champion?


The last time i'm involved was in MSSM 2006 held in Terengganu as official & trainer was with MSSPP & that time MSSPP bagged 1 gold & the only gold from MSSM in the U-18 boys team. Penang & Johor were competing for the gold in the U-18 team & their players lost to Penang, Kuala Lumpur & Selangor players. That was my most memorable moment!!

4 more days left before the MSSM starts! This year is the most challenging year for the most of the MSS states to prepare & training their respective players. With the calendar of MSSM published in January, most of the MSS's had to do their internal selection fast in January or February. Therefore they might not have enough time to prepare their respective state training compare to last year at least 3 months to prepare. MSSM will be held from 16th - 20th March at 8th floor Hotel Gold Coast, Klang. This year there's no Victor Hong & company from Penang, NM Edward Lee & Wan Khye Theng and company from Selangor.

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